Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Friend For Two Months

Slovakia has been a beautiful place, a place of rest, challenges, beauty and so much more for our family. For me, it's also been a place of loneliness. The kind of loneliness that comes while homeschooling a child, with no car and friends who live too far away for a casual visit. I'm struggled in this place, but am learning to find Jesus in it all and to make Him that friend my heart so desires. 

September was a month I've waited for far too long to come and here it is, finally!! With the turning of fall I have also received a friend that gets to stay with me for two whole month, my mother. This past spring when I realized I do not get to have my mom come in June I cried, I was so broken up about it. You see, my mom has always been my best friend. We have that kind of relationship that is rare and ever so desired by mothers and daughters. I don't have a sister so she has been my biggest blessing. Now she is here to stay till November. I'm already mourning that a whole week has gone by since she landed and November will come way too soon.

On Tuesday the 19th of September we drove to Budapest, Hungary and picked her up from the airport. First off, I had no idea Budapest was not just an easy 2 hours drive from our village. It's a for sure 3.5 hours, but that day it took us 6 hours due to my moms forever delayed flight. I now know it's a place you go for the weekend and not a place you go for a day trip. 

While in Budapest we only had time for a very delicious dinner and a drive by the river for a few beautiful sights. It's a place I want to visit and take time to explore and enjoy. I also had no idea how majestic that city is. 

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