Tuesday, April 4, 2023

March 4, 2022

I had some heart issues today, not like health issues, but attitude. It's also because I didn't turn to Jesus first thing, but started to check the weather, various social apps, and so on. How I start my day really sets a powerful tone for it. I either start it with God and have a right heart centered on Christ or I have to battle negative thoughts and attitudes all day because I didn't center my heart first thing. It's a daily choice that I sometimes make the wrong decisions.

I won't go into the issues of my heart or the thoughts I had to work through, but I will say that focusing on Jesus does make it better. It's 7:40pm and I can say my heart is good now. I am getting ready to spend some quality time with my sweet husband as we plan to watch a movie together. This means I will finish this post later. I should have written this post earlier, but it's been a pretty full day.

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