Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow day

There is currently a war going on and it started yesterday at 6am-ish. It's between the snow-lovers & the snow-haters. Pick which side you are on because I'm a big snow-lover and it feels good!

It snowed yesterday. Not enough for me, but just enough that it shut most of the city down. I love these days when everyone is walking outside to the nearest grocery store or sledding slope. It's a time where people are either inside baking, watching tv, cuddled in blankets, in their PJ's or their bundled up outside enjoying the purity that comes with snow.

If you stopped and looked around you, you would see how beautiful, peaceful & pure the snow is when it quietly falls from the skies. What was ugly is now covered in white.

Hubby & I got to take Little Guy out in the snow yesterday and I'm not sure what his reaction was. I guess you can say he's neutral to it all. It did make for some really cute pictures.



I think his favorite part was when Hubby was holding him and I got into a snowball fight with him. He liked being in the middle of that family snowball fight. It will be great once he grows up and joins us.

He also got to stay up really late because he had a 3 hr nap in the evening. It was 11pm and it was hard to get him to chill out so we gave him a bath... it worked! He was out before he finished putting him in his PJ's.


One of my favorite things is to wake up to snow on the ground. There is a rush of excitement that goes through my body and I'm outta bed making a cup of coffee in no time. My view this morning was gorgeous. Made me think about our Anniversary Getaway coming up in a few days. I smell the romance in the air.


I'm hoping to be able to go to the store tomorrow to start prepping for our Thanksgiving Dinner at my brothers new house.

Leave me a comment if you'd be interested in a giveaway! I'm thinking of having one, but not sure.

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