Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Germany Trip

Its been more then a week since I've blogged. I promised to blog everyday about my adventures in Germany. Little did I know I would get in an inspired funk, not only that why external hard drive gave out with all my images in it.

I also realized that when packing I forgot the cable that downloads my images into my computer and my camera battery charger. It just feels like I was getting hit with one thing or another. Luckily non of it is stopping me.

For some reason I'm not enjoying my trip to Germany as much at I thought I would. Don't get me wrong I love it and all, but I'm kinda numb to this place. We went to a city with a beautiful castle in it and that was the only time I truly felt inspired and when I snowed in the town we are in. Other then that I don't even want to get out of bed. Like today, I have many gifts I need to buy for leaving for the airport for Slovakia and I find myself tucked in bed learning about photography and planning upcoming shoots when we come back from Europe.

I kinda feel lost here in Germany. Even if I get inspired while here I wouldn't know what to do with it. I also realized what truly inspires me and that's locations, places and scenery. If I see something breathtaking here I can't take it to America for a photo sessions. We don't have such buildings and castles as they do here in Europe.

We have 3 more weeks here in Europe and I pray I snap out of it so that I can drink in my surroundings and come back a better me and photographer. I miss my friends, church and life back home. I'm no longer used to sitting around with nothing to do other then eat, shop and edit.

The best part about this trip are the things that I've discovered about myself.
1. I can't work alone let alone be alone without a persons company (I get NOTHING done).
2. My dreams and passions are inbeaded into me no matter what I do or how I feel.
(I had written so much more, but had lost internet in Germany.)

Right now it's 12am and I won't finish what I've lost, but I do plan on writing a lot more now that I'm with my son and family. I feel like I'm home!




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