Monday, February 25, 2013

A Snow Day

Every once in a while this mom here gets a genius idea, I mean they are really good ideas. 

Last week I decided that it was time we had a decent winter. What's a winter without snow, sledding and a decent cold front? So, since we didn't get a winter here in Seattle my friend and I decided to take the kids to winter. After an hour and a half's drive we were throwing snowballs and having a great time.

Unfortunately the snow what very wet as it fell and we were soaked through many of layers. It was worth it and the kids had a great time. Next time we go we'll make sure that it's a sunnier day so that we can stay out longer.
 photo Light05_zps17ef1a90.jpg
 photo Diptych11_edited-1-2_zps705eb05b.jpg
 photo Diptych11_edited-2-2_zpsd53ba5f2.jpg
 photo Diptych11_edited-3-2_zps1dc5cb39.jpg
 photo Light01_zpsc8314e27.jpg
 photo Light1005_zpsb0dd671a.jpg
 photo Light03_zpsad15c087.jpg
 photo Diptych11_edited-4-1_zps55e7909f.jpg
 photo Diptych11_edited-6-1_zps23adfff8.jpg
 photo Light04_zps80691a14.jpg
 photo Diptych11_edited-7-1_zps1c516a83.jpg
 photo Diptych11_edited-8-1_zps184f7fb7.jpg
 photo Diptych11_edited-9-1_zps66ae735b.jpg
 photo Diptych11_edited-5-1_zps529bcdfc.jpg
Before we went out and after we were finished.
 photo Light06_zpse6ffa76b.jpg
 photo Diptych11_edited-10_zps90280431.jpg

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  1. You have a beautiful blog and beautiful photos. I like them so much.


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