Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting Better and Happy

We've been absent from this dear blog, but hard at work at the other one. After a set schedule for both blogs one was loving it and the other not-so-much. But we are here today! 

Honestly, there hasn't been much on the home front to report or to post as it's winter, we are indoors and all the action is all through my career. This past week we haven't even really stepped out of the house, but to get more library books and go to the doctors. 

This house is now classified as 'getting better' and we are about 40% better with a whole whopping 60% more to go. Toddler has been diagnosed with his first ever ear infection and you wouldn't know anything was wrong with him unless you stayed up with him last night at 4:30am giving him ibuprofen and reading 3 books to him. He woke up saying his 'squeak squeak' hurt. I first thought that he's been watching way to much Diego, but as a mommy I knew it was his ear. A trip to his favorite doctors office confirmed by suspicion and now we are on garlic drops and ibuprofen every six hours. Lucky for Toddler he gets all the shows he wants and his food in bed. 

Despite it all he spent the morning in my office as bubbly as ever happy to be my creative assistant. He busted out some great watercolor painting and enjoyed his inspiring drink, chocolate milk. 

Once spring hits, the sun come out shinning you will be seeing a whole lot of us playing, exploring and making new friends, till then thank you for your patience as we stick this winter out indoors.

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 photo IMG_0659_zps4731d140.jpg

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  1. Hi Annetta,
    I tried to leave a comment on your new blog but I could not get it to "send".
    Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to your first birthday for your blog! Well done for having achieved so much in just a year.
    xoxo Ingrid

    1. Thank you so much Ingrid, that means so so much for me! Love how inspiring you are and thank you for letting me know about the commenting, I'll look into it now.


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