Saturday, July 13, 2013

Human Nature

I keep telling people that I am human, just as flawed as the next person, but like looking up to those I admire greatly I can see how hard that can be to believe. Well, the past few days have been really rough for me as my household has been in transition. My in-laws (whom I love greatly) are here for some weeks and my mom along with my brother flew to Alaska for the duration of my in-laws stay. 

For some reason this transition has been kind of rough of me and I've just been angry. Sometimes I see that I am just being one big meanie, but then other times I just want to be a big meanie and to be left alone. I have a human nature that gets angry, wants to pout and act like a 5 year old. Naturally I DO NOT like the way I have been, even though at times it feels like its out of my control, that's when prayer comes in and God's grace as I myself fail over and over again. Once the transition period ends everything will be peachy and just perfect, but till then I am at war with my nasty human nature. 

With all this said, I realized that I like balance. When something is too out of balance I tend to get all wacky and need my life to be realigned. I'm sharing this not so people can be sorry for me or to vent, but so that people can relate to me as I am just as flawed as every single person on this planet. I am just over joyed and thankful that I have my God and His Spirit to guide me through my roughness. 

So I'm leaving you all with some images from the Fourth I never had a moment to share, my trip to Cali and then the random pretty images that have no place anywhere else in no specific order.

 photo IMG_0144_bw_zps87dfff66.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-1_zps82e29e6f.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-2_zps197e2531.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-3_zps875e0e5d.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-4_zpsaaa2967d.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-5_zpsc6fa8c0e.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-6_zps7c24d3cd.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-7_zps2332d85a.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-8_zps25e62b35.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-9_zpsb0305b24.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-10_zps0aa8994e.jpg

 photo IMG_0793_zps363ad1ab.jpg

 photo IMG_0035_zps1d261752.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-10_zps0aa8994e.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-11_zpsd2d67c2c.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-12_zpsc7f2a3cf.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-13_zps4c3ae11b.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-14_zpsbe8ddf8d.jpg
Someone had to 'go' right in the middle of taking pictures. It was a mad dash after that.

 photo Diptych11_edited-15_zps42692732.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-16_zps90d615e9.jpg

 photo IMG_8682_zps8b689aef.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-17_zpsee70e8d1.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-18_zps7e3b59e6.jpg



  1. I get your feelings of anger when life is unbalanced. While painful and frustrating, I also agree with you that it is grace that gets us through it. It is also grace that we hang onto when we look back at that time and see how we have behaved both inwardly and to others. Thanks for sharing authentically.

    Holly Shaw
    Haleighanna's Hands

    1. "It is also grace that we hang onto when we look back at that time and see how we have behaved both inwardly and to others." Wow!!! Now that spoke to me!! Thank you Holly!!


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