Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Life's Balance Act

As things get really full over the summer I am reminded to always look over my priorities and make sure that my life isn't out of balance.

Lately I've been noticing that things are somewhat out of alignment as I'll get the work things done, but the really important things are getting put off to the side. It also amazes me how settle it all happens, the unimportant things get pushed forward and the important stuff gets pushed back. As I evaluate these things I completely see the changes that I need to make. 

One easy mistake to make that gets life way out of kilter, is when things are going super great to walk forward without inviting God to walk along with me or to be to full things 'doing' to let Him be a part of it all. That's the first things that gets evaluated in my life, where am I with that? With that all being said, I hope to have a different tomorrow that involves a lot more being, loving, & inviting then doing, working and accomplishing. 

 photo IMG_8282_zpsee5f84fe.jpg

 photo IMG_8284_zpscfbcefc4.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-5_zps3779cd8b.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-1_zps634ceca3.jpg

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