Thursday, April 3, 2014

Simple and Beautiful

It was a beautiful peaceful and productive day. If really feels so good to take things slow, not rush somewhere. Days like these give me the ability to look around and ignore the little messes and focus on the beauty. 

Tin had a few victories of sorts. He built his first car while reading the Lego instructions with very little help from me. He is very much into building his own designs and giving them fun names. It's 10:40pm and at the moment he is building a boat with wheels that doesn't have a name because "very don't have names". I told him how awesome his boat is and he told me that he can picture it for me. This child is so much like me!

We will be spending the weekend being a family as I'll be spending every weekend out-of-town this month. It's going to be another full month for me. Happy I have days like today!!

This is his new design that he photographed with his own camera. 

Sweet flowers from an even sweeter boy.  


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