Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thankful for Today

Today has been such a great day! It was spent cleaning, in a meeting and working. It went by WAY too fast like all the days do lately. I feel like my list is bigger then my day, but yes it was great! I make my day and work great by surrounding myself by the things I love.

I am thankful for:
My beautiful assistant for Pursuit31 who spent hours with me today helping me plan out a stylized shoot for some amazing photographer ladies this summer.
Her son who watched my son while we were in our meeting, such a blessing.
Roses, always and always thankful for my roses. The caterpillars are enjoying them this year, I hope to see lots of butterflies this year!
CreativeLive where I learned more about food photography. I'm not a food photographer, but love to take pictures of my food.
Quite time so that I can work on a print for a very special project. 
The beautiful sunset that came through my window this evening. 
The am so thankful that it's finally warm weather and summer!

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