Sunday, June 1, 2014

Starting Again, One More Time

How many times have I said I won't give up on this place and I will make time to record my families memories? Well, it happened! I vanished into thin air once again overwhelmed with the work I overload myself with.

I've been slowly digging out of it as I always try to do and really HOPE that I stay out of a constant state of work. I've been stepping away from my studio and taking more time to get out there with my family to be what they need me to be. 

I wasn't supposed to be in my studio today, but inspiration filled me with morning and I've been here since 10am, right now it's 3:30pm. At this point the inspiration has worn off and now I'm just left with work for the rest of this evening. 

I'm getting back into blogging here regularly as that will encourage me this summer to step away from it all and just to be. I look back on those days when it was just my family, my camera and I without any deadlines and it looks all so sweet! Those memories are inspiring me to make these moments sweet in-between the rush of things. 

So here's to better posts  come, being with my family and digging deeper into my relationship with Christ!

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