Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A God Story

At 8:45am I sat in bed with my coffee in hand ready to go through my bible study. Before I dived into today's lesson I left the need to check to see what I was studying this day a year ago (I'm not consistent and didn't know if I even did a study page that day). To my surprise on September 5, 2016 I in fact did do a bible study. What I write next is a prayer straight from my study journal, word for word.
Thank you for answering our prayers. Thank you for guiding our hearts! Thank you for giving us the desires of our hearts and blessing us with a home we didn't even know we wanted. Help me to remember the lessons you taught me while we waited and trusted. It was hard for me and I didn't want to go with it, but You knew what I needed. Help me to remember all You taught me!
In Jesus name,
Wow!! God used my prayer and words a YEAR ago to speak to my current situation! I mean, He reminded me like I asked Him to on the same date. I never look back on my study pages, but today He pulled my heart and did what I asked Him to, to remind me and right when I needed it the most! If that's not an answer to prayer and Him speaking to me than I don't know what is. I am moved by His love for me. I am blessed that when I indeed did forget, He did not. It also addresses all the issues, questions and doubts I've been having about this season. How can one doubt when the answer is written so plainly?! I know I can't anymore and will walk my path out in faith.
This to me, is a God story. My life is full of God stories like this. I love that I am in relationship with such a loving and powerful God. Thank you for letting me share my God story with you today. The story that will come sometime soon with be a much bigger God story, but He hasn't released me to share it yet because I still need to walk a little more in faith. Also because His timing is perfect. But, when I do it will be big because He is my Big God and He did it!


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  2. Annetta, I'm blessed to read about your faith in Gods plan and His story for your life! I'm so glad He uses past journal entries to bless us.

  3. Annetta, thank you for this blog post. I just came across it today. Yes, have faith in God's plan. He is ever so faithful (1 Cor 1:9) and only wants the very best for you and your family (Jer 29:11). Thank you for sharing your faith along with your gorgeous pictures!


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