Saturday, November 5, 2011

To its Fullest

I did not expect this week to be as full and slightly overwhelming as it was. That's why it feels like I've been neglecting my blog despite the fact that I took some of the cutest pictures this past week.

My goal is to recap, but I'm not keeping any promises.

One of the harder things of this week has been toddler's jump off the couch. He landed incorrectly and that sent us to the hospital today for x-rays. I'm thankful that the x-rays came back good, but that still leaves me with a limping and feverish toddler.

The heart wrenching part is when he cries/screams for a long time and there is NOTHING I can do to comfort him.

I'm hoping to be back after this weekend with some good posts.

Oh, I was going to write this great post about how I balance all the things that I do, but now I'm just too tired and not in the mood. The sad part is that the post would have been a good one. Oh well.


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your nice comment Annetta. I'm so sorry about your boy. I totally can understand feeling helpless when your child is hurting. It sucks! I have your blog on Google Reader. I'm trying to improve upon my photography and am inspired by your talent. Ciao!


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