Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

In our family I am the one that's big into celebrating holiday's and birthday's where as my husband could care less, he thinks that father's should be celebrated everyday and not just one day. I agree with that thought, but who celebrates the holiday's and people every single day? I believe in putting a day to celebrations. 

We often go back and forth discussing the subject of celebrating holiday's. We have come to certain agreement, which is nice. I asked my husband what he would like for Father's Day and I didn't get much of an answer so I took the day into my hands. We kinds ended up doing all the things I love to do, but those are the things my husband loves as well. 

Our day contained of a bike ride in Fremont, a quick run through a Sunday market & finally an early dinner at one of our favorite places The Whale Wins. So all in all it was a fabulous day for everyone! The best part was that the weather was fabulous for all of our plans. Soon we have be having my in-laws in town and many more adventures once they arrive.

Tomorrow I am excited for a semi-relaxed day to rest from bike rides, up hill walks, and photo-shoots. I'm also hoping to get this house into shape as me running around doing photo-shoots, having playdates and such leaves my house in complete chaos. Yes, my house is the least on my priority list. I'd rather take my son to play with friends then stay home to make sure the house is clean. He has no brother's or sister's yet so friendships are a high priority right now.

I hope everyone has a blessed week!

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