Friday, June 14, 2013

In Full Bloom

Today I took my mom and son out to one of our favorite places, our old neighborhood.

Before we set off to explore the familiar places and favorite streets we went out for a proper breakfast at a cafe. It's always faster and easier to go out for breakfast when a beautiful adventure lays ahead as I don't have to spend that time at home deciding what to actually eat and convince Tin that he needs to eat.

After breakfast we drove to Seattle to enjoy Laurelhurt and reminisce about the days when we lived in this beautiful area. When we did live there I took it for granted. I don't know why, but I really think I did. When I visit the neighborhood my heart starts beating and I start day dreaming of the day we get to walk those gorgeous street on a daily basis. 

There are SO many beautiful gardens and houses. You can stroll those streets and always find something new. That neighborhood really knows how to do gardens. They were just overflowing with blooms. At first Tin wanted nothing to do with the walk, but soon too really enjoyed the stroll, flowers and friendly dogs. After our 2 hour walk we went to the park to have a little picnic before heading home.

What a beautiful day it was!

 photo IMG_5264_zps2a04ee18.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-1_zps18bcdf02.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-2_zps8af09099.jpg

 photo IMG_5314_zps54b1506d.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-3_zps2e00d7a4.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-4_zps692043bd.jpg

 photo IMG_5380_zpsb59303aa.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-5_zps70444bc2.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-6_zps4924feb3.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-7_zpse2772d4c.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-8_zps812d0ecf.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-9_zps81cfbe6d.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-10_zpsa1ccc23f.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-11_zps2cf702a8.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-12_zpsf640c8c7.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-13_zps1aa9d5df.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-14_zpsac8e2b79.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-15_zps9d7c0a69.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-16_zps3f89c824.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-17_zps0660774c.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-18_zps9bebc2d3.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-19_zps8854226d.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-20_zps7ecf00ca.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-21_zpsa800727f.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-22_zps76d8ff29.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-23_zps17f908c6.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-24_zps508448ac.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-25_zps632a5651.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-26_zps984a50ee.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-27_zps7c06fee0.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-28_zps2f318d94.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-29_zpsa0899373.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-30_zps15b9be28.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-31_zpsff3a88a0.jpg

 photo Diptych11_edited-32_zps83997e48.jpg


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  1. What a gorgeous area! Thank you for sharing! The photos of your son and you are darling and priceless! xo Jen


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