Monday, May 14, 2018

A New Routine, A New Me

On my last post I mentioned a new morning routine. Yes, after years and year of NOT having a breakfast I started eating it regularly and am roughly on week three. Breakfast has always been a challenge for me as I am intolerant to dairy and eggs. That's the staple breakfast for most people. Normally my routine would be to wake up and get my cup of coffee with coconut milk. That cup would be loaded with caffeine and would be pretty big. It would keep my hunger away till noon and if I was really working on something sometimes till 2pm when I would finally have my lunch. Yup, I did that for years.

One day, on the phone, my mom suggested I start drinking warm water in the mornings before anything else as it has helped her in many ways. I would normally dismiss the advice, but decided to be a different person and give it a shot. When advice is given and it doesn't hurt you in any way, why not give it your best shot for three weeks. That's what I did. It's been roughly three weeks of warm water in the mornings, a large plate full of veggies for breakfast and coffee around 11am or 12pm. 

So how's the new routine going? I can't really say. I am eating breakfast daily now which is a huge change. I didn't start feeling much of a different till yesterday really. Actually, I have felt very yucky for those three weeks. It's been a hard road and most likely I've been detoxing in many ways which is why its been rough. I also upped my water intake by 80% which also helps all the toxins to exit my body. 

In a month's time our whole family will be on a parasite cleanse for three weeks with a one week break and then three weeks again. We have a dog and he eats yucky things. He'll be on it too. We are all doing this because our outdoor dog (at the moment) will be an indoor dog. Anyone with animals near them NEED to do a parasite cleanse twice a year, the dog much more frequent. There have been some major changes going on here as both my husband and I started exercising regularly. I've always been a health nut, but now I am doing the things it takes to be healthy and not just taking the supplement I am interested in. 

I'm also praying that these changes in my own body will help me to get pregnant and be ready for it when the time comes, but until then it's cleaning up with body I've been blessed with.

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