Thursday, May 10, 2018

To Be Home

There us nothing that compares to the feeling of coming home after a long vacation and road trip back home from said vacation. It's been almost a week since we've gotten back and I am still getting trying to adjust back to how things were. When I first walked into the house at 1am, everything felt for foreign to me. The house felt so big compared to the tiny air bnb we spent our week at. It took some time to adjust and I found myself staring at my living room wall after I put Tin to bed. It felt so good to be home, what a relief at that car ride, and out of the car because no one should road trip past 11pm.

As hard as we tried before leaving for our trip to keep our house clean for we come back, it really wasn't. After a rough nights sleep I spent the morning vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen like a madman. It will be mopping floors and laundry type of day before the grandparents come for the kid who get to spend the night at his grandparents so that he can go to his cousins birthday party in the morning while Hubby and I go to church. It really makes the vacation over and now just only a memory. The thing I am enjoy the most at the moment are the sounds of Augustin playing as he has been a little homesick on our vacation. He has missed his toys! It made me a little happy to hear he had missed our home as I strive to make our home a safe place for my family where they can be themselves.

So to be home after a vacation is glorious, but it always takes a few days (maybe a week) to get back into the swing of things. Hubby starts his new job on Monday so he won't have the 'time' to get back into things like I do. Luckily, his work schedule will be easy this week because he's learning a whole new assignment. Him working so far from home makes me look forward to our more into the city where our friends, church and work are. Speaking of work, I am excited to get my photography business off the ground. I've had a few clients already and a slow stream of people are starting to reach out to me for sessions.

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