Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Noir Tuesday

Yesterday was Tuesday a day where we may or may not do our school work. A day where we rush to the bus to get to the train station and a day where we go to bible study. I like Tuesday, but the fact that Wednesday then feels like a Monday all over again. Does that make sense? 
Honestly,  I only decided to go to Bible study 10 minutes before we actually had to leave. You see,  after weeks of beautiful warm and sunny weather it rained all day yesterday. My little one decided that finishing his school was not worth it that day, but playing was.  I actually didn’t mind the rain at all but it did create a ‘stay at home’ mood hence the playing form this one little boy.  All I wanted to do was work on knitting a sweater for a client, drink tea and watch Netflix, he couldn't be blamed.  At that point I knew it was wrong to stay home and I needed fellowship with my church family. A shift in our day, a break from my usual lonely place where my only companion during the day is an 8 year old who fights school like it's his job.
Getting outdoors wasn't as bad as it felt when we were indoors. The rain had made the air fresh and we were on time for all of our required transportation. The transportation on the other hand wasn't on time at all. I am also grateful to say that after living here for almost two years I now understand the language enough to where someone can communicate to me and I get what they are saying with understanding. For instance when we picked out our train seats the lady conductor told us that this train car is not heated, but the one ahead is heated. I at first thought she said this was a smoking car due to my Russian influence, but then understood exactly what she meant. It was so helpful because yes, the train car we picked was cold indeed. 
Seeing my husband waiting for us is always the highlight of our trips into Bratislava. In ways, I will miss this part when we move to Raca (a neighborhood in Bratislava). I also managed to make him dinner before we left the house because I knew he didn't have much of a lunch do to my lack of cooking skills on Monday. 
 It was also a good day to play around with the black and white concept. The day was gloomy and the b&w vibe just fit perfectly into the gray day. Photography will forever be my first love in communicating my day, my creativity and emotions. When I was little, I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up. I also wanted to be a singer, model, designer, writer and dancer. It's the memories that I cherish and can go back to again and again. 

The camera I used to photograph this blog post is my Fujifilm x100. It's a compact digital camera with a fixed 23mm lens. I take this camera everywhere I go if I don't want to carry my big camera around.

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