Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Art Advent Christmas Market

One way Europe does the Holidays are with Christmas Markets.

We don't have many Christmas traditions started since we've moved to Europe. One of the ones I see forming at the moment is visiting the Christmas Markets in Vienna, especially the Art Advent. The Art Advent is a special market because it's all local crafts and handmade things, something right up my alley.

When we headed off to Vienna the weather was pretty yucky. Let's say the rain and wind didn't say Christmas at all, but on the upside, it was a rather warm day. Its hard to walk around the Christmas Markets when it's below freezing because well, you know why. To my surprise, when we arrived in Vienna, there was no rain.

The fun in the market for me is getting to see all the beautiful handmade items. For Tin its enjoying all the manual rides where he has to do the work in order for the rides to go. There is one ceramic artist that I look forward to buy from. This lady makes the prettiest cups from porcelain. Last year I bought one for my mother-in-law and this year I had to have one for myself.

I hope that next year we will continue the tradition of the Art Advent Market and also go to the other markets that Vienna has to offer.

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