Saturday, December 22, 2018

Friday Before Christmas

I just can't believe that Christmas is on Tuesday! I haven't even really thought about Christmas this year. There has been no time to think about the Holiday's so it kinda feels like its just another week. There are still too many presents to buy and I guess I'm the last day kind of shopper. How's your Christmas feeling this year?

You see, my son had his first week at school and it all just kinda happened unexpectedly. We went to try out a homeschooling school on Friday and we just kept coming. That really threw Christmas under the bus. He's been homeschooled at home since Kindergarten and now he is in third grade. We went from going to bed at 10pm to all of a sudden getting him to bed at 8pm. We all, as a family, wake up at 6:30am when we used to get up around 9am. My husband drops him off and I usually pick him up. This new thing has thrown my schedule upside down and I am not complaining, just having a tough time adjusting to the new go-go rhythm. 

Today my husband and son took the car when they usually use the public transportation system to get to school and work. That meant that I no longer have to pick up Tin from school and have till 4pm to myself. Well, it's 1pm and all I have done is work for 2 hours and run errands. There is nothing else I managed to do because I have one more hour of work to go.

I realized that it takes some time for me to adjust to a new routine, life changes and schedule changes. I'm sure that's the case for most people. For my husband, it seems like he falls into new things quite easily without much of an adjustment period or maybe he just doesn't whine about it like I do. I've been saying this for years, he's the better one out of the both of us. I have my own strengths, but he's the stable and dependable one where I am all over the place. It is what makes us such a couple. He helps me through all the new seasons we have faced in our 10 years of marriage. 

While my husband was at work and child at school I managed to walk to the store and the post office for some things. I think that was my biggest success of the day and took about 2 hours to accomplish it all. The post office lines during the holidays are out the door! It was also nice to get all the things I needed without a child and a dog. It gave me time to stop by other stores also where I discovered a whole wall of yarn and embroidery thread. It felt like Christmas. Makes me thankful Europe doesn't have a Target or else I would have come home with a whole bunch of things I really didn't need. 

On the last note, I didn't think I would enjoy being all alone in a house with just the dog and my work, but it turns out I do enjoy it. Once I get settled into the new routine of school for my son and work for myself I have great plans for my photography and knitting. I hope to actually have time set aside to pursue those career paths. The best part is having the time to be in my Word and have that quiet time to focus on my devotions. Have that this week has truly been wonderful. I want to make sure that my foundation is in Christ and that it's set in the morning or else my heart will wondering. It will seek fulfilment in places it will never find unless that place is in Jesus. 


  1. Glad to have found your blog. Good reminders to take time out for creativity, breaks, and to keep God at the center of our lives. Best, Susan


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