Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas 2018

I must say that Christmas this year was not lonely. Okay, it's never 'lonely', but this American does crave the family Christmases back home.

What made this year different was the fact that Lubos' family celebrated with us on the 25th. In the past, we would all get together sometime after Christmas and spend the 24th with his parents. I like ALL the family to be together, but they have their own traditions. It worked out so well this year for everyone and I hope that we get to do that every year now. 

On the 24th we had church friends over for some amazingly delicious food, the opening of some presents and games. They made the day special and a perfect reason to detail clean the house. Thank you, Erik and Leah, for the day and all the fun!

On Christmas morning, Tin was up and early like every kid waiting for Christmas. This year he got some really great gifts and a lot of them too! I would be ONE happy kid if I was him and I do think he was. He got a scooter, legos, a new camera, some building things and other little items. This has been our biggest gift-giving year as well. It helps that I finally have a steady income after wanting one for years. It also helped me to give my husband a real Christmas gift that didn't come out of his own money. The problems of a house-wife people!

I got some amazing gifts as well, but I know that's not what Christmas is about! It's about Jesus and the gift he is to us as our Saviour. That was the true reason to celebrate. It's also about being with the people you love. I didn't get to spend the day with my family, but being with Lubos' family was perfect. They are the best family and I am blessed to call them mines as well.

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