Friday, January 18, 2019

It's Routine

Today I have noticed that I am a little wary of social media. I'll keep my opinions and thoughts about it all to myself. They are not in any way uplifting or edifying. The only thing I'll say is the scary things I have heard about in my childhood when it came to the big 'end of the world' I am actually seeing come to pass. All of this was to say that I will stick to this blog at the moment to capture my memories and families moments. I may forget all about it in the future and continue using my social media like I did before, I'm not making a public commitment.

So, with all of that said, let's get onto with my day at home all by myself. Actually, I am not truly all myself, I have my dog Tucker to keep me company. I wish that he was more of a lazy dog who loves to sleep, but he's not. He likes to play, be super active and eat even if it means licking my floors clean. I try to take him on two walks during the day. In the winter, they are short walks, but I hope to have nice and long ones in the forest during the summer.

When my husband and child are at school I follow a routine for my day. It goes something like this:
Work 8-10am
Have breakfast and take the dog out 10-11am
Crochet for A Year To Inspire with lunch 11am-1:40pm
Put the dog away and get ready for work 1:40-2pm
Work some more 2pm-4pm
Get dinner ready and clean 4-5:30pm
My only true free time and flexibility comes between the 11am-1:40pm time slot, but if I have A Year To Inspire to work on that's what I need to get done first. This schedule has been very good, but it also has taken away a lot of my creative time to do or knit as I please. The plus side is that I have to stay focused and know what I need to work on for that day. I'm sure that once I get used this routine I will find more freedom in that.

Now come all the pretty pictures of my day...

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  1. Hello Annetta! Happy to meet you and your beautiful blog! I work at home as well, and my schedule of work involves time at the computer off and on all day long, and I too enjoy taking long walks! I walk 5 miles with my dogs each morning, and sometimes another 2 miles in the afternoon if time (and weather) allows! I am thrilled to meet you, and see your beautiful pictures. Blessings and hugs from Idaho :)


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