Monday, September 12, 2011

Cranky Pants

Sometimes are those day when everything is just a little rough. Today was one of those days.

Augustin was just not going to be happy. Despite doing all the things that we loves to do.
- Playing in the sink
- Watering plants
- Watching Caillou
- Playing blocks
- Even finger painting


He had a great nap, but woke up with a sad little face. Not only was it hard on him today, but it was hard on me too since today if a working day for me. I think I almost even cried, lol. Luckily I did manage through the his tears and toddler moments with prayer and focusing on teaching him that I loved him, but he needed to learn to be happy.


I'm glad that when hubby comes home it will be an ice cream and a movie kind of night. The best part is that I managed to get stuff done and I'm totally excited and waiting for my newborn shoot tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a NEW day and tomorrow is a GREAT day!

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