Thursday, September 8, 2011


When I'm not actively shooting I'm always coming up with projects that circle my head non-stop. Slowing down in business is the worst for me, but it also give me the time to sit down and get the things done that I otherwise wouldn't have time for.

One reason why slowing down for me isn't the best because I tend to get realize that I'm not where my mind and dreams want me to be. I'm still in the process, in the middle of idea's and hard work. When I get this way, which has been more time then I'd like it this past month, I create.

My current project have something to do with writing (I know, me write?!), designing a yearly photo album for my son and video. I'm attracted to the creative things. I create outside of photography in many ways. I love to design, write, craft, cook and so much more.


But today I'm taking a much needed day off to read my new book.


Watch a girlie movie with a bowl of ice cream.

Read my Word and ask God some questions that are weighing upon my heart.

Last find something beautiful that I can photograph in my house!


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