Thursday, February 20, 2020

Spring Break

We are on day three of our spring break. Today's plans are to go to a park and enjoy my favorite French pastry shop, but the weather is gray and staying indoors sounds a bit more appealing after our last two days of adventures.

Now that I am actually at home I have a sense of how terrible it is to spend the day at home and yet I don't want to go anywhere. Since the miscarriage, I've had to work on getting my body and mind healthy again. Today is a day where I find myself struggling as I'm a bit depressed and anxious. My world feels flat and dreary. That's how it feels. Feelings are a tricky thing. We can't always believe them or give in to them because at times they do lie. At this point, I am thankful that I can pray through my emotions and invite Jesus into all that's happening in my heart. He's not afraid of the ugly like I am. 

On days like these when my heart is heavy, I also find it difficult to feed myself. I have no energy or inspiration to cook, but I still manage it somehow. This post wasn't supposed to be so heavy. My day didn't start this way, it slowly crept up on me. It makes me super thankful that I don't work today or this week because I just couldn't face my students. 

Let's put the sadness aside for now and recap on our spring break. On Monday Tin and I spent to the library so that he had enough reads to last him all week without him asking to watch something or play games. After the library, we went out to lunch to our favorite crepes restaurant Pan Cakes. Tin usually gets the Nutella crapes and I enjoyed my usual bacon and cheddar.

Yesterday we went to the Bratislava zoo for the first time. We have lived here for almost 3.5 years and never went to the zoo. I've always wondered what kind of zoo it was because it looks so small and out of the way. I am happy we went. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how big it was. I think that day Tin and I walked about 4.5 miles. When I came back home I was so done! It was such a good and long day. Oh, also Babi and Oci (Augstin's grandma and grandpa) came to spend some time with us because they continued on their vacation to Hungary.

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