Monday, December 31, 2012

From San Diego to Holiday Pics

I need to start off with an apology as I didn't stick to my blogging days over the holidays. I believe I missed Wednesday and Friday. I'm actually going to change the schedule around and blog on Tuesday and Fridays.
The days we decided to go to California was also the day we took the Santa Train to go see Santa. We are personally not very big into Santa, but Toddler still knew who he was and was quite excited to see him in person (we've watched a few movies with him). While we were there it started to snow which added to the little adventure more then we could have imagined. Toddler was also very excited to meet the conductor of the train. The best part was enjoying the snow and then packing up and leaving for sunshine. I'll be thinking of a winter home in CA for the future. 

And now back to the last images from our California trip with the big redwoods. I've fallen in love with those woods. They are just so impressive  and massive! I also have to brag on Toddler for just a moment because he did so well on this trip! The last 8 hours on our way home he spent without any entertainment as the cord to our Kindle broke and it lost its charge. We were very proud of our little road trip trooper!

For Christmas we gave Toddler a read bike with training wheels. It's a tad too big for him, but we believe he'll grow into it pretty quick. He still can get on it and ride, its just a little hard sometimes. We've only been out to ride it once, but on the second time he has mastered the breaks. It's so much easier to go on walks as it doesn't take us hours anymore. Excited for all of us to get on our bikes this summer and go for rides. (Hoping this text will post as I'm having some issues with Blogger today!)


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  1. Really LOVE the clover one, so cute!! And your little tagline pic, adorable!!


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