Thursday, December 6, 2012

Things That Go

Before I start the post I'd like to throw a warning out there. The images you will see in this post are not by anyway great, over the weekend I was a mom enjoying my family and not a photographer. I took the photographer hat off for this post and was just me with no roll attached, but a wife and mommy. 

I titled this post Things That Go because after our photo-shoot on Saturday we took the whole evening to take Toddler on anything that go. We went on a ferris wheel (he was scared of it), took the tram to take the monorail, there we controlled the holiday toy train setup, went back on the monorail, took a ride on the carousel and went back to the car via another tram. That whole trip took us about 5 hours with a dinner and dessert in-between it all. 

The thing that I learned about my son is he never seems to have enough fun. After all of that he would have enjoyed twice more! As I was discussing this with my husband he remarked how like his mother Toddler truly is. It's true, I can never get tired of having fun. My dream day is to go out for breakfast, go to a park, grab some lunch, catch a movie, go shopping, eat some dinner and watch another movie. 
My son is like that too. I pray that when he grows up I will have a close relationship with him as I want with all my kids.

It was the best weekend for holiday memories ever! I hope that we can continue with our adventure so that it can become a tradition of ours.

Oh, and the day after we had a family day in Ikea buying Toddler a big boy bedroom set and me a new white couch for Christmas. It came today and I couldn't be happier! 

 Teaching him the value of money, he bought his own drink that he picked out.


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