Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

Today we finally went out and got our Christmas tree. 

It took me a while to make a decision whether or not I wanted a full blown tree this year. At first I wanted a wee little thing that we as a family dug up in the woods, but I never found that tree. I did dig up a tree, but it's not Christmas tree material and just sits on our coffee table as decoration. I love it, but it wasn't bringing the spirit of Christmas strongly.

After an hour at the tree lot and much talk of which is the perfect tree we finally found the right one. My son even gets his own cute tree just for his room! Now I have to decide which tree I want to put his bike under. Oh, this is going to be a beautiful Christmas for us! I've already received and opened all my presents, my husband usually gifts them early and gifts them big! I'm so thankful as his gift are SO much appreciated and needed for my career. All of my success is thanks to God and half of it is thanks to my husband, none of it is really me, I just find myself in awe with a full and thankful heart!

Now we just need to finish decorating it, I need to warp all the gifts, but first I need to finish buying all the gifts. This year we are having a tree in our own home for the first time in two years and it's looking so lovely!


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