Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Minute Trip

I am bringing this blog post to you from Oceanside, CA.

We take many trips to various places, half of those places are in California and all of them are planned months in advance. This trip has been unlike any other trip (in a good way) as my husband received a text from my uncle on Friday telling us they have an extra room near San Diego and we should drive down. Our reaction was to laugh at the last minute invite as we do not even do last minute family get-togethers. On Saturday we were still talking about the text and hubby asked if I really wanted to go, I said yes. After settling some work things on both our parts we were on the road the next day at 3pm.

Our drive from Seattle to Oceanside took 24 hrs with very rough conditions as we had to drive through the storms that rolled in from Seattle to mid California. It was worth being in the sunshine for the last 3 days and sitting in the hot tub every night. It amazes me how much I need sunshine in my life. 

While in this area I discovered that I do not like San Diego and I'll keep it on my list as a place to visit for when I am in need of sun during the winter. I'm more of an Orange County kind of girl. We will start our drive home tomorrow and will take it slowly enjoying the hwy 1. 

Toddler, like most little kids, loved the beach and spent a good several hours playing in the sand. He made sure to make lost of friends along the way. Tonight at the pool we met a pretty little girl that was a year older than him. They sang songs together and splashed in the pool. It was so cute to see. We're not ready to go home, but are so thankful for the time that we got to spend aways from the cold and rainy weather. 


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  1. LOVE it all!! I need some sun too!! Wish I could just escape for a while. Cali sure looks amazing this time of year when its all rainy and dark here.


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